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Discover the very first protective plate designed to maximize the productivity of your crops, whether it's tomato plants or other varieties. You will be able to save water while increasing the yields of your garden.

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it works?

3 simple steps for abundant harvests with Ecolo5.

Step 1

Place your plants

in the Ecolo5.

Step 2

Water them 3 times less.

Step 3

Get a more abundant harvest

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Who is Ecolo5

intended for ?

To amateur and experienced gardeners

Ecolo5 plates are ideal for anyone who wants to simplify and enhance their garden harvests while saving water, time, and money.

An inspired solution

based on our own


It all started with frustration of having to constantly redo the 'little pot' around my tomato plants to prevent water from going everywhere. I wanted to find a solution that would save me time while respecting nature and without compromising the quantity of my harvests. But after extensive research, I couldn't find any solution that truly met my criteria.

So, I decided to create this solution myself. Through continuous reflection and sketching, I managed to develop a simple, cost-effective, and innovative solution to my problem. I made the bet I had set for myself, as it only takes 3 quick steps to set up the system I created. The time saved by this method is truly impressive.

In fact, I even exceeded expectations. By using my invention, I noticed in my own garden that my tomato harvest had doubled. My tomato plants are more vigorous, grow faster, and most importantly, thrive better.


Inventor of Ecolo5

and a gardener in my spare time!

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Designed to collect rainwater and redirect it towards the plant.

Includes channels all around and 4 holes that allow water to be directed into the soil.

Central cone that serves as a dispenser with a capacity of 80 cl.

Acts as a mini-greenhouse and prevents water evaporation from the soil.

UV-resistant film


and weight

Length: 50 cm

Width: 50 cm

Height: 11 cm

Weight: 650 g

Water savings

As you probably know, the ongoing climate change increases the risk of drought and reduces the volume of annual precipitation in France. More and more dry and scorching summers are expected, putting pressure on water resources. That's why it's important to conserve water and use it efficiently. Ecolo5 is the perfect solution to address this problem.

With its system, as described above, it prevents water evaporation. This allows you to save 40% of water while providing your tomato plants with all the water they need to grow and thrive in a healthy manner.

Protège des maladies

"I have personally witnessed the effects of Ecolo5 in my own garden. The plants that benefit from the Ecolo5 system have grown faster and better. To give you an exact figure, if you're lucky, with plants growing in open ground, you can expect around 4 clusters of tomatoes per plant.

The Ecolo5 device increases this number to 8 clusters of tomatoes per plant. That's twice as many." However, it's not just about an increase in production. Ecolo5 also protects your plants from diseases.

Easy to use

Another strong point of Ecolo5 is its simplicity of installation and use. The device can be installed in a staggered or inline pattern, on prepared or unprepared soil. No prerequisites are required to use Ecolo5; you can adopt it without any constraints. Simply place it where you position your plants. After that, thanks to the operating system of Ecolo5, you won't even need to maintain the soil. Ecolo5 takes care of preventing the growth of weeds on its own.

Most importantly, once Ecolo5 is installed, you won't have to worry about it anymore. Unlike other methods like mulching, where you would spend a considerable amount of time checking if it stays in place, Ecolo5 remains hassle-free.

Environmentally friendly

Ecolo5 is proudly manufactured in France (in Briare) with a commitment to responsibility. The device is made from recycled and infinitely recyclable PP plastic. With its UV-resistant film to prevent aging, Ecolo5 has a lifespan of up to 6 years.

Furthermore, by eliminating the need for herbicides, this simple and innovative system not only protects nature but also the environment.

A pack of 3 Ecolo5

planting squares

29,70 € 49.99€

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The french press

is talking about us

Our innovation in the field of ecological agriculture is attracting media attention and generating excitement. Experts acknowledge the positive impact of our product on vegetable harvests and environmental preservation. Here are some excerpts from the articles.

"Écolo 5 is an affordable solution that is accessible to everyone in every sense of the word. First, it is financially affordable as the pack of three trays costs only €29.99. Each tray is, of course, reusable year after year. Additionally, it is accessible to everyone due to its simplicity of use.""

"The equipment required an investment of €25,000. The mold for plastic injection was the main investment. The device acts as a mulch to retain moisture at the base of stem plants, such as tomatoes."

"Avec ce système, plus besoin d’opérations de désherbage au pied des plantes, ni de protection des racines. Son utilisation est simple et le carré peut être utilisé seul ou en réseau. Il suffit de positionner les éléments côte à côte, de les clipser à l’aide des encoches puis de les enfoncer légèrement dans la terre."

Join the gardeners who have already adopted Ecolo5

Incredible product!

"I bought this product for my tomato plants and I'm really happy with it. Since I started using Ecolo5, I've noticed that my tomatoes grow better and require less watering."

Julia F. - Agricultrice en Gironde

I like it

"I am very satisfied with this product for my tomatoes. I have noticed a significant difference in the growth of my plants, and I don't need to water them as often. I highly recommend Ecolo5!"

Myriam B. - Amoureuse de légumes

I am satisfied!

"I am really happy to have purchased this product for my tomatoes. My plants are healthier and don't need as much water."

Julien D. - Particulier

"I highly recommend it!"

"I bought Ecolo5 to reduce my water consumption in my vegetable garden, and I'm very satisfied with the results. The tomatoes are growing quickly and healthier than ever. I highly recommend Ecolo5 to all amateur gardeners."

François K. - Farmer

"A breath of fresh air for my vegetable garden!"

"Ecolo5 has really helped me better manage water consumption in my vegetable garden. The tomatoes have started growing faster and appear more vigorous. I am very happy with the results and highly recommend it to anyone looking to improve their garden."

Elodie M. - Plant enthusiast

"Very eco-friendly!"

"I tried this product to help my tomatoes grow faster, and I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did the tomatoes start growing more quickly, but I also noticed a significant reduction in my water consumption."

Artur. - Individual

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